VV Blessing Coin

  • $7.50

Enjoy a pocket full of blessings with the Benison Coin. Made with antique metal & is 7/8in diameter, it is engraved with VV on one side and ‘Benison’ on the other. The coin is included in the pocket of our Men’s and Women’s Premium Denim Jeans. If purchased separately, all coins come packaged in a small mesh bag. Our goal with this coin is to spread positivity, love, and a few kind words - especially during a time the world needs it the most. If you see a friend, family, or stranger who has done something kind, compassionate and honorable please pay it forward by offering this coin. We hope each coin travels throughout the world, touching the hands and lives of amazing beings! Share your moment on Instagram with #BenisonCoin and follow other people's stories!

Material: Antique Nickel