Wants to inspire YOU to CREATE new experiences, CONNECT with people
and spread KINDNESS wherever you go.

Our goal is to create high quality, timeless, and thoughtfully made pieces that inspire creative expression. We want our customers to evolve with every collection that we create because for us, STYLE is fluid and ever changing - growing as you flow through life. Each piece comes with a small reminder to speak a few kind words or do something kind for one another.



(ben•i•son bĕn′ĭ-zən)
Noun: A blessing; a benediction.

For our official launch, we bring you the Benison Collection. Apparel for Men, Women and kids that are creatively designed made with premium materials.  Carry a pocket full of blessings wherever your journey takes you!

A Love Affair with Your Jeans

The love you have for your jeans is just as important as the love you have for your favorite person. You need to put time and energy into making it last. Nothing is better than the feeling of your favorite jeans fitting your body perfectly after you've taken the time to wash and wear them in! The development of creating our luxury denim line has been a long learning process that we wouldn’t trade for the world. It took a year of learning about denim fabrics, denim washes, construction, fit and style to create carefully thought-out designs that feel amazing the more you wear it. Our VV Benison Indigo Denim Jeans are durable and long-lasting for on-the-go, busy, everyday wear. We work with vendors in Southern California to construct each pair one-by-one. Our jeans are made with 100% cotton and twill that will be your most favorite pair of jeans you’ve ever owned!

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Pocket Full of Blessing

Each pair of Premium Denim Jeans comes with a small coin engraved with ‘Benison’ tucked into the pocket. If you see someone who has done something kind, honorable, or compassionate we want you to give this coin to them as a way to pay it forward. Our goal with this coin is for customers to spread positivity when the world needs it the most.

Don’t be afraid to pay it forward whether it’s a friend, family, or stranger always be kind!

Share your moment on Instagram with #BenisonCoin to be featured on our page. We can’t wait to see the kindness and positivity shared with one another!

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