Victoria's Fashion Inspiration

This is not Tory’s first time creating her own apparel brand. She owned a couture dress shop, Victoria Vincent Clothes Artist. Her creations ranged from childrens wear, prom, Quinceañera, bridal, and one of a kind originals. Most of her customers came from word-of-mouth as they heard more and more about her unique designs. She hoped her pieces would inspire her customers to creatively express themselves. Due to unforeseen circumstances Victoria had to close her shop, but her desire and passion for fashion never left her. Victoria Vincent Brand is back, with a new look and new identity, but the same goal remains: connecting with customers through her pieces to inspire individuality and creative expression. 

Victoria has a passion for creating her wonderful pieces, but was never one to follow the fashion trends. Since she comes from a big family, she loves helping others and creating new connections with people all around the world. Tory is known to choose her outfits every morning, based on her mood and intention for the day. Friends and family express how she’s always colorful with different layers and sometimes looks like she’s in costume. Victoria mostly draws her fashion inspiration from colors, fabrics, and textures that speak to her. From there, she goes to the drawing board to create a design or piece that will best express it. 

The Victoria Vincent brand is made for expression and with every collection you are evolving with us. Victoria has spent over the past year learning from garment seamstresses to denim tailors searching for the best quality pieces for the Benison collection. The fashion industry has been a big learning process for Victoria, but she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Every person that is involved in this brand is a part of the end-product and we wouldn’t be where we are without them 💜