LA Textile Show

LA Textile Show

The LA Textile show is the destination, on the west coast, for textile, design, and production resources from all around the world. Presented by the California Market Center, it hosts hundreds of international fabric collections and design services for contemporary & lifestyle designers. Victoria was fortunate enough to visit this showcase back in March and we’re here to share some of her words to describe her experience: 

Little did I know that the LA Textile Show would be the last 

large event I would attend in 

  1. It was on the eve of COVID-19. I was

mask-less and I was shaking hands with global reps, suppliers, and vendors. I could see their smiles and hear their enthusiastic product pitches!

Oh and my fingers had a feast of touching...posh prints from India... luxurious

lace via France..

dapper denim from Japan.

I went nuts for the notions, from

buttons to trims into infinity! Was it a dream?